USPS Reports

Report Name Example Reports Description District Last Updated
Classified Retire Rehiree Example Lists classified employees with their retire rehiree flags marked true Eastwood 05/14/19
Certified Retire Rehiree Example Lists certified employees with their retire rehiree flags marked true Eastwood 05/14/19
Check Numbers By Payroll Example Lists check numbers with information about each check within a specified date range Eastwood 05/14/19
ODJFS List of Certified Employees Example Lists all certified employees within a specified date range NOACSC 05/14/19
ODJFS List of Female Employees Example Lists all female employees within a specified pay date range NOACSC 05/14/19
Employee Information Report Example Lists all employees with their contact information and address. Also lists birth date and hire date Eastwood 05/14/19
SSDT Payroll Item Detail Example Sorts by employee number and lists deductions and deduction information. Can be filtered by a specific account code SSDT 05/14/19
Attendance Journal Template Example Lists employees' absences or attendances in a specified date range. Can be filtered for specific positions and absence type NOACSC 05/14/19
Compensation Report Example Lists employees and their positions with contract information for each position Elida 05/14/19
Detailed Contract Compensation Example List employees with their position and contract information. Includes YTD earnings Eastwood 05/14/19
Pay Distributions Example Lists employees sorted by employee number with their pay distribution information Elida 05/14/19
Positions Report Example Lists employees and their positions, position numbers, position codes, and pay groups Elida 05/14/19
Medicare, SERS, and STRS Employee List Example Lists employees' employer rates and employee rates for medicare, SERS, and STRS deductions Eastwood 05/14/19
Employee and Employer Rate For Deduction Codes Example Lists deduction codes employees contribute too and each codes' employee rate and employer rate Eastwood 05/14/19
Child Support Example Lists employee's who pay child support and how much they pay Spencerville 05/14/19
Future Pay Sorted By Pay Group Example Similar to the SSDT future pay report, but sorted by pay group code Spencerville 05/15/19
Salary Report Example Lists employees and their positions with salary information Spencerville 05/15/19
Electronic Transfer Check Status Report Example Lists all electronic transfers within a specified transaction date range Spencerville 07/01/19
Wage Report Example Similar to SSDT's Wage report but includes a "Reportable to EMIS" flag filter NOACSC 10/14/19
Public Records Employee Census Example This report is for a public records request that lists employees last names, positions, experience, contract amounts, and contract work days NOACSC 11/21/19
Substitute Attendance Report Example Lists substitutes and the dates they were working and who they were subbing for Spencerville 01/22/20
City Tax Report Example City tax report that can be used for W2's, allows for multiple codes, each code on separate page with subtotal by code. Must make Dec the "current" period before running to get accurate information for the CY, NOACSC 01/29/20
New Contract Payroll Accounts and Original Pay Account Example Summary of records in New Contracts page that also shows their current Payroll Accounts since these do not show in New Contract. Districts requested a way to see accounts easily to help with updates. NOACSC 01/30/20
Deduction History Report Example Similar to Classic's DEDHIS, this report lists deductions employees have paid and can be filtered by a pay date range and deduction codes NOACSC 02/04/20
Attendance Journal Sorted By Leave Type Example Lists employees sick, personal, and vacation leave absences and subtotals by each type of leave Kalida 02/06/20
Employee Mailing List Example Lists all active employees and their addresses Hancock 04/30/20
Employee Census Report Example Lists employees names, ssn, contact information, and contract amounts Hancock 04/30/20
Total Gross Pay Summary Example Lists each employees' total gross amount and net pay earned Putnam 04/30/20
Deductions by Employee Summary Example Lists total deductions paid subtotals by each employee and deduction code Putnam 04/30/20
Employees by Building Code Example List employees sorted by building codes Elida 04/30/20
Absence Report Example Lists employees' absences in a specified date range. Can be filtered for a specific absence type NOACSC 05/04/20
Employee Listing With Job Calendar Example Lists employees' SSN, contract amounts, number of pays in their contract, and job calendar NOACSC 05/15/20
EMIS List Example This report lists employees, their positions, and their EMIS flags. It can also filter out specific EMIS flags NOACSC 05/28/20
Absence Report Sorted by Building and Employee Example Lists employees' absences sorted and subtotal by buidling code Elida 07/23/20
Employee Contact Information - Public Records Request Example Lists employees, their positions, department and contact information NOACSC 07/30/20
Position Code and Assignment Area List Example Lists employees with their position code, assignment area, and EMIS flags Antwerp 07/30/20
Employee Last Paid Date Example Enter a starting date and this report will list all employees who were paid on that date and later NOACSC 08/04/20
Attendance Journal Sorted By Employee and Leave Type Example Lists employees' attendances and absences subtotaled by leave type for each employee Antwerp 09/03/20
Miscellaneous Payment Report Example Lists employees who received miscellaneous pay within a specified date range and how much they received Spencerville 10/06/20
Historical Payroll Account Distribution Example Lists accounts payments were paid to. It also lists who made the payments and for how much Antwerp 10/07/20
Pay Group and Job Calendar Listing Example Lists pay groups, job calendars, and who belongs to the pay groups and calendars Vantage 10/07/20
Classified Staff Absent Report Example Lists classified employees and their absences Ottawa-Glandorf 10/07/20
Certified Staff Absent Report Example Lists certified employees and their absences Ottawa-Glandorf 10/07/20
Specific Payroll Item(s) by Pay Date - Detail Example Lists deduction codes with employees and how much they contributed for each deduction code. This can filter out specific deduction codes. It does NOT use the summary option NOACSC 10/07/20
Specific Payroll Item(s) by Pay Date - Summary Example ists deduction codes with employees and how much they contributed for each deduction code. This can filter out specific deduction codes. It does use the summary option NOACSC 10/07/20
Employee Listing by Pay Group Example Lists active employees and which pay group they belong to Findlay 10/15/20
Positions By Building Example Lists employees and their positions sorted by ascending building code and building IRN Findlay 11/16/20
HSA Withholding Report Example Lists YTD employee and employer amounts for HSA deduction codes NOACSC 12/07/20
Payroll Item Report by Code - Current Example Lists employee and employer rates as well as max deduction amounts Allen East 12/07/20
Direct Deposit Distribution Codes Example This report lists direct deposit codes, their abbreviation, description and routing number Wayne Trace 01/28/21
Birthday Report Example Lists employee's birthdates and has the option to filter out only active employees. Antwerp 02/11/21
Future Pay Amount Report By Pay Group Example Similar to the SSDT Future Pay Amount Report but this one is sorted and subtotaled by pay group Wapakoneta 02/24/21
Payroll Items by Employee Example Lists employee and employer paid amounts for deductions and subtotals by employee Miller City 03/15/21
Adjustments Journal Subtotaled By Adjustment Types Example Lists days and hours adjustments by employee and subtotals by the adjustment type Marion Local 03/16/21
Compensation Information By Pay Group Example Lists employees' contract information sorted by pay group Marion Local 03/16/21
Deduction Totals Example Lists the total employee and employer amounts deducted for each deduction code and totals them together Hancock 04/07/21
Unreported Leave Usage Example Lists employees leave balances and totals their unreported leave usage if they have unreported leave greater than 0 St. Marys 04/22/21
Docked Amounts Example Lists only employees who have had docked pay within a date range and totals the pay together Western Buckeye 05/12/21
STRS History Example This report calculates what pay history the Earnings amount is pulling from the STRS Report NOACSC 06/18/21
STRS 450 Full and Part Time Employee Listing Example Lists employees who contributed to the 450 deduction code for the current fiscal year and will mark each employee as full time or part time NOACSC 06/23/21
Compensation Amounts Paid Report Example Lists contract amounts paid so far and the total contract amounts NOACSC 07/26/21
Lima News Report v2 Example This report was made for the Lima News public records request. It lists the gross amount earned for each position per employee NOACSC 08/18/21